Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tiger Muskie Fishing in Washington State

42" From Merwin
After a long, cold, and rainy winter and spring the Tiger Muskie season is in full swing now. Reports are coming in from all over the state of good sized Tigers being caught and released. Newman Lake, Mayfield Lake, Silver and Merwin are all producing as the water levels drop and the temperatures rise. Tournament results show the definite increases in activity. I was out this last weekend (7/16,17/11) on Mayfield Lake for the "Jack Tipping Classic" (Muskies Inc. Chapter 57) where there were 16 fisherman battling for top honors. My partner and I saw +50 fish cruising the weed beds for unsuspecting pray. While neither of us landed a fish we had plenty of action. There were 8 fish caught four of which were over 30", largest being 45"(see picture on the side column). Newman Lake was the location of Chapter 60's tournament (7/16/11) where 5 fish over 30" were recorded. For those whom are familiar with Muskie fishing, those are decent numbers. Cascade Muskie Association has also been putting up very nice numbers in their events recently, all indications that it's heating up in more ways than one as summer comes to Washington.

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