Saturday, July 23, 2011

Long Lake Lunker Largemouth Landed

  Long Lake in Kitsap Co. gives up 7lb, 6oz bass in the evening hours on Sunday the 17th. Local bass angler Pat Cherry of Poulsbo teased this beauty out of 4" of water as it lay in wait for some small unsuspecting bird. Tucked neatly under the branches of an over hanging tree the LMB hit a well placed snake imitation. The Kitsap Peninsula is not known for its large bass but those in the know happen across one or two a year. Cherry seems to catch and release more than his fare share but rarely provides pictures, location or what he uses, smart man. Thanks Pat for sharing.

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  1. Thats great to see.. I always learned to give information...but not TOO much information. Especially if there is a "spot" you go to or something special you use as bait. They will figure it out on their own. Thanks for all the pictures.


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