Lucky Lures

I can discribe these lures with one word "Killer". If your a spinner fisherman and don't own one I want to know why not! This fall I've caught Coho salmon, Chum salmon, Searun Cutthoroat and Dolly Varden. I've been testing the lure for 2 months now and convinced there is something very unique about how it works. 

Fish Creek Spinner's Armadillo works for salmon. Elwha River, Olympic Penninsula. 10-8-11.
 Coho from the salt water shores of Puget Sound Island. My new "go to" lure the Green FCS Armadillo.10-14-11.

 Chum bright and fiesty from Dyes Inlet. Another victim of the Armadillo Spinner. 10-21-11.

Green Armadillo strikes again. Chum from a secluded Kitsap Penninsula creek. 10-22-11. Nine to the beach and counting! Lets make that 11 now, two more tonight 15lb Chum male and 8lb female. 10/26/11. Honestly its like cheating.

Update from Chico Creek and Salmon catches in the saltwater. 12/22/11. 36 salmon caught on FCS, 22 Coho and 14 Chum. Thats a Blue Bucktail in that males's teeth.

Hand crafted spinners from high in the Rockie Mountains, but designed for water near you.

Squid Dinner Bell by Fish Creek Spinners caught this mint bright winter Blackmouth Salmon (Chinook).

The above Black Hula Skirt (Fish Creek Spinner) caught this beautiful Tiger Muskie from Silver Lake this spring.

The nice looking Rainbow was caught by one of these Red Armadillo's (Fish Creek Spinners).

The "Muskie Collection", having personally tested all these lures here is my suggestion. If your looking to give Fish Creek Spinners a try for Pike, Muskie or Salmon get this collection. It works for all big fish species. You can vary your speeds of retrieve and techniques of casting. Great distance and control.
See the "stinger hook" attachment, don't fish without it. After missing two 40"+ Muskies on Mayfield Lake during a tournament because I was stubborn, I'll never fish without it again!
This is FCS most versatile Big Fish lure, I literally go nowhere without one.

2 weeks ago this was used in a Tiger Muskie tournament where it was hammered several times, and will used again on 8/13/11. 

This customized S-Waver swimbait nailed the Pike and Muskie above, nice work "FishNFool".

No look at Lucky Lures would be complete without the all time comfort lure the 5 of Diamonds.

Also who could forget the old stand by the "Red Eyed Wiggler".

From the "Never Say Die" Nate collection. Serious Pike Lures you won't find on any store shelf, yet.
Big Beefa (oh ya it works)
Junior Beefa Dbl. in Black
Jr. Dbl. Copper Killer

Double Willow Beefa