From the Bench, Flies

           Flies, Fly fishing and Finned Glory.

Steelhead, Salmon, Trout, Pike, Muskies

Brown Guina
Winter Run Steelhead, Umpqua

Moe's Leech

Bunny Leeches

Working a Spey Rod

Family of Fly Fishers
Traditional Steelhead Patterns

Wild Cutthroat

Cady Lake Rainbow

Working a Leech Pattern

Black Leech Lover

Atlantic Salmon from our friends in Europe!

Check out these great looking flies from Canada.


"Spey" Flies


Orange Articulated Prawn
My favorite!

Chartreuse Crazy Charlie

Fry Fly
over 150 salmon and steelhead flies
Chartreuse Lazer
  Adipos Flytying

Bainbridge Island Beaches

From our friends in Germany at  Fish & Flies

Pike love a good fly!

Great for Searun Cutthroat
by Isaac Thomas

Dungeness River Coho, Orange Porter's Crystal Critter

"Dougie No Fish" Porter author of Forever Fishing Washington State

"La Pescado Iman"

Purple Crystal Critter

Left to right, Green Crystal Critter, Porter's Purple Power, Orange Crystal Critter, Pink Crystal Critter. Powell 8wt. with Ross Reel G4.

Dungeness River Fall Coho 11/26/11

From Porter's fly bench to the river's edge. 9 fish caught and released 11/26/11.

Steve Burns of Poulsbo, avid spey rod fisherman displays a Satsup River Chum.  

This King was caught on a "Doug's Ugly" herring imitation.

Here are a few flies from my tying bench at home. I will be posting more fish pictures of fish caught on my own creations.

Upper Left: Cee Ah Sunset
Upper Center: River Bend Diver
Upper Right: Tacoma Slough Slaughter
Center: One Cow Island Perch (#1 choice)
Lower Left: Baby Bass Baitfish
Lower Center: LMB Killer
Lower Right: BMN (bite me now)
Bunny fur, deer tail, shloppen, crystal flash, dumb bell eyes and a whole lot of trail and error.
My Pike and Bass collection, proven on the Pend Oreille River to be very effective. 

Northern Pike on the fly, my favorite!
"One Cow Island" Perch

Perch Pattern for Pike

What pattern is best for Elk? I hope he practices catch and release, I'm talking about the Elk.