"Fishing with Floyd"

Mike Floyd, Master Angler

"Fishing with Floyd"

 Fishing tips from a local Western Washington fishing die-hard Mike Floyd.

As most avid anglers know the old adage "10% of the fisherman catch 90% of the fish" is true. Mike is certainly living proof of the old adage, he proves over and over that time on the water and dedication are the formula for fishing success. Whether your favorite finned target is Steelhead, Largemouth Bass or Tiger Muskie there is something to be gained from Mike's experience and observations. Mike has been kind enough to share some of his keys to anglers success and we are glad  add Mike to the Forever Fishing Washington State's staff.

           What have I been up to lately?

 Here's a pic of a couple of 6 pound Largemouth I picked up today on a 6" SPRO BBZ1 Jr. swimbait. Also got a 4 pounder on a jig. Mike "Fishing with Floyd".

Report 4/15/2012

Don't forget Tiger Muskie season is just around the corner.

"My Spring Checklist"

   It can be a long day if your boat is not ready for the fishing season. The difference between a comfortable day of catching fish and the day spent cursing your boat at the dock is preparation. Here  are some things you might want to think of as you prepare for your first trip to the river, lake or saltwater. 
   The first thing I want to start with is the boat trailer. Check the tires for wear and make sure they have the proper tire pressure. Next up is to grease your wheel bearings. I do this numerous times during the season, especially before any trips over 50 miles. I'll then check my winch and the strap, looking for any wear. If your boat trailer has bunkers it's a good idea to check them after you launch the boat. Any torn up carpet should be replaced. Last but not least is a check of the trailer lights. Hook up to your tow rig and check the parking lights, turn signals and brake lights. Having a problem with your lights is no fun the morning of your fishing trip!
 Now to the boat; let's start at the stern with the motor. A quick check of the prop to make sure the nut and cotter pin are in their place. The prop should be removed once a year and the shaft checked and greased. Next up is to check the engine oil level (4 strokes) and the gear oil in the lower unit. Please refer to your owner's manual. If you own a 2 stroke make sure your oil reservoir is full. Let's take a look at the batteries; I consider these the heart of the boat. If they are not in good working condition I'm dead in the water. I make sure all the batteries have a full charge in them. I'll check the water level in all the cells. If needed, I add distilled water only. You can find distilled water at your local grocery store. Check all your battery connections for any corrosion, I'll hit them with a small wire brush or sandpaper if needed. Then a light coat of Vaseline on all connections will prevent any further corrosion.  
  Fuel System; replace your water separation filter if equipped. I replace mine twice a year. The ethanol in today's fuels can cause issues with water separation and the filter will help with that problem. Now that I know my batteries are ready to roll I want to check my running lights, electronics, trolling motor, dash lights etc. and make sure they are all in working order. It's also a good time to clean your sonar screens.
If you removed any tackle during the winter you'll want to make sure it's back in the boat, along with any tools you may need on the water. Now your boat is ready for the first trip of the season! Good fish’n! Mike.
Michael Floyd
2007, 2009-2011 Muskies Inc. Ch. 57 “Angler of the Year”
Muskies Inc. Century club member
Auburn Sports and Marine Pro Staff
Savage Gear/ Pro Logic

Bass success at Lake Tapps

Green River Steely

Mike Floyd with a Trophy Tiger.

The release. Set your Tigers free.
Lake Merwin  Monster Muskie


  1. This looks new. Should I be fishing for Tigers with swimbaits or spinners?

    1. Both. Switch it up and see what the fish want, they both work well.

  2. Thanks Mike, you mentioned a few things I never would have checked. Do you fish the Cowlitz for Springers? If so how do you fish for them?

    1. I don't get down to the Cowlitz anymore, but it used to be a backbouncing fishery. Anymore I prefer to fish the smaller rivers. If your bank fishing Springers love sand shrimp, they seem to do well around the barrier dam. Mike.

  3. Mike,
    I see you fish several species. Which is your favorite and why?

    1. I would have to say fishing for Muskies, though Steelhead and Largemouth are a close second. You gotta love how a 4 foot Musky will follow your bait right to the boat and strike! If that doesn't get your heart going nothing will!

  4. Mike, I grew up fishing for Muskies in Minnesota and Wisconsin. I've had trouble getting Tigers here to take top water, why?

  5. They're not as aggresive on topwater as the purebred Muskies but they can be had........I've had good luck deadsticking swimbaits and fishing wakebaits. Look at using bigger Bass type baits rather than traditional Muskie topwaters. Walk the dog type baits can also work well. Hope this helps!


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