Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Woke up in Kodiak!

Dawn breaks at "Spruce Cape" Kodiak Island AK.  >:"":>

When you're asked to travel to Alaska for a year of work don't hesitate, especially when its Kodiak Island! In March of 2014 an offer came knocking on my door, run a construction project on a remote island in the Gulf of Alaska. Now I'm no stranger to the "land of plenty" up north, salmon, halibut, king crab and the largest grizzly bear in the world. Having commercial fished from Ketchikan to Nome, traveling much of the coastline from the Puget Sound to Norton Sound. All that being said, I would not be prepared for an entire sport fishing season on the rivers that are the "life blood" Kodiak.
A five hour flight, several fly-fishing magazines, a quick nap and I "Woke Up in Kodiak".  I stumbled off the jet and into a small quaint but friendly airport, there were old friends and a rugged construction truck waiting for me. On the way to the jobsite we crossed several rivers which would soon be the making of many wonderful stories and fish caught! To be continued.


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