Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Northern Pike Secrets Shared

  Here is a Kalispell native secret to bring on the hunger of the Pike. First: you need a handful of dried pine nuts, last fall's cones from Skookum Creek valley. Second: you'll need fresh mint leaves found on the rivers eastern shore. Third: and most important, shells of Osprey eggs from the trees at the mouth of Campbell Slough. Mix the nuts, leaves and shells into a paste, adding only water drawn from the Cusick Springs well. Now pack your favorite lures in the paste for two moons, no longer. Remove the lures and save the paste. Now before you start fishing at "One Cow Island" ball up the paste and toss it on the island chanting "Cee Cee Aw" "Pike Wa Ha Ha". Follow the chants by casting to the west six times and on the seventh you will be rewarded with a fine Pike to be released while chanting "Pike Wa Hee Hee". This will be followed by no less the 14 fish. This works only on the sacred waters of the Pend Oreille River. Please do not mention from where you heard the tale as it will bring me bad luck.

A little local fish humor: Ha Ha Hee Hee.
Dougie No Fish >:"":>

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